KN Holdings

Custom Build Homes Services

Custom Build is set to really grow in popularity as it takes the pain out of self-build. It gives people the best of all worlds – choice, peace of mind, and a great quality home. K-N Holdings have been at the forefront of the Custom Build revolution that is taking place in Canada.

The low-risk way to build your dream home.

K-N Holdings is a pioneering leader in a custom build. Already popular in Canada, what is custom build? With self-build, you take responsibility for the whole project yourself. Custom build is a low-risk alternative for those who don’t relish the many day-to-day responsibilities of construction and site management.

You still get to make all the fun, creative decisions involved in building your dream home, but you can pass everything else on to seasoned experts like us. We offer a flexible service to suit your individual needs; you just buy the plot of land and employ our experienced team to plan, develop and build your home on a Fixed Price Build Contract.